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Baby It's Cold Outside

Sin City: Sunday November 25th @ The Werx, Hamilton

Sin City Presents:

"Baby It's Cold Outside"
**Sunday November 25th**

At The Werx
121 Hughson St N, Hamilton

We did not receive many suggestions for a theme to make a Poll worthwhile, so I am presenting you with the theme that we struck upon when discussing our night with some our patrons:

"Winter Wonderland. . . Keep It The Hell OUTSIDE!"
We're cranking up the heat and pretending it's still Summer!

We can honestly not think of a better way of warming things up on a cold Sunday, than to join our friendly group, cozy up in the genial atmosphere and get things nice and hot on your choice of equipment. We're going to help that by cranking up the heat to a nice and balmy temperature, so wear your summer gear, beach wear and lets all heat things up even more.

The main thing that we have discovered about our event is that no matter the number of people, what we are doing, or who is there, we have never had a humdrum night. It has always been a wonderful, entertaining, kinky, sensual and very active night. Perhaps it is the water in Hamilton, or the atmosphere at The Werx, or quite honestly it is the most wonderful patrons in all the Kinkdom. We would love to see you all again.

We also reserve the right to ply you with great music, and if the mood strikes, to cruelly and wantonly offer you candy...

For more information, directions, Rules, and dress code please visit:

most wickedly and kinkily yours,
Sher Khan.
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