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Sin City - Sunday Sept 2nd (Labour Day weekend)

@ The Werx
121 Hughson St North, Hamilton Ontario.

With the success of our Arabian Nights theme, we were asked to consider other themes. So with great glee and sheer cheek Sin City would like to present:
A night of religious ecstasy and wickedness.

We invite you to come and revel in your Sins at the very appropriate:
Sin City- A night of Irreverence and Transgressions.

Show us:
How to really defrock a priest, or what a nun may do with her rosary
An alternate way of Calling the Four Quarters
A sacrificial ritual for personal pleasure.
The true joys of the Spanish Inquisition
How to attain nirvana through sheer self gratification

Yes, my darlings, we want you to attend our depraved event and explore all the pleasures that religion calls SIN.
As a special service you may request to be shriven by our Resident Inquisitor.

We suggest that you come dressed and kitted for a night of naughty nuns, perverted pastors, profligate priestesses lecherous lamas, corrupt cardinals, and debauched druids. Act out your most depraved Spanish Inquisition fantasy, conduct a truly dark ritual and submit to the truly spiritual through mortification of the flesh.

Theme dress is a suggestion only and not required.
Standard Sin City dress code is always welcome.

For more information, dress code and House Rules visit: Sin-City Website
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