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Sin-City Hamilton - July

***Notice there is no Sin-City in July***

After careful deliberation, my partner (Th'Elf) and I have decided to take July off.

We had worked out an event schedule for Sin-City, at The Werx in Hamilton, to fall on the Sunday of every holiday weekend in the summer, and would have fallen on July 1st. However due to scheduling conflicts we are going to take July off.

This does not mean that you are without a Play party/event for July 1st in Hamilton. Please consider registering and attending:
The Breast Intentions Play Party
Proceeds after expenses will help sponsor
Vanessa's "Walk for Breast Cancer"
To be held at The Werx, Hamilton on July 1st.
Email: for more info.
Please note: unlike Sin-City this is a Pre-register event, please contact the event organisers to register.

This is a worthy event that sponsors a good cause, and we the Sin-City Management encourage you to support it. One of our reasons to cancel July was to ensure that we do our small part to support this event: by removing any competition so that everyone in the region with a mind to play can attend the Charity Event.

We will see you in August (Sunday August 5th, Civic Holiday Long Weekend) with a couple of special surprises! We intend to fully make up for our brief hiatus, and believe me, you shan't want to miss this!

Play safe, and Play happy till then!

Kinkily yours,
Sher Khan & Th'Elf
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