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Toronto Goth-Fetish's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Toronto Goth-Fetish

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Fetish Masquerade New Years Eve [29 Dec 2007|02:35pm]

The Fetish Masquerade Annual New Years Bash contest on toronto-goth.com has now concluded and the winners have been emailed. Congratulations to the winners. Tickets should still be available at Funhaus tonight directly from Dj Lazarus.

Entrants to the contest were asked (just for fun) to list their fetishes. Here are a selection of those listed:

zentai suits
Shoulder divots
Knives, daggers
High Heels
Stockings, long legs, lace
hair pulling
boys in eyeliner
rope bondage
Pain, chains, champagne
bdsm and neon pink zombie robot mokeys
complete submission
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Fetish Masquerade New Years Ticket Contest [17 Dec 2007|08:13pm]

Visit http://www.toronto-goth.com for a chance to win one of two pairs of tickets to the December 31st New Years Eve party at Funhaus.

Monday Dec 31, 2007- New Years Eve
Fetish Masquerade Annual New Years Bash
Theme: Party Of The Gods
Funhaus - 526 Queen St West
9pm-5am 19+ event
$20 adv - more @ the door
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Baby It's Cold Outside [18 Nov 2007|11:10pm]

[ mood | warm ]

Sin City: Sunday November 25th @ The Werx, Hamilton

Sin City Presents:

"Baby It's Cold Outside"
**Sunday November 25th**

At The Werx
121 Hughson St N, Hamilton

We did not receive many suggestions for a theme to make a Poll worthwhile, so I am presenting you with the theme that we struck upon when discussing our night with some our patrons:

"Winter Wonderland. . . Keep It The Hell OUTSIDE!"
We're cranking up the heat and pretending it's still Summer!

We can honestly not think of a better way of warming things up on a cold Sunday, than to join our friendly group, cozy up in the genial atmosphere and get things nice and hot on your choice of equipment. We're going to help that by cranking up the heat to a nice and balmy temperature, so wear your summer gear, beach wear and lets all heat things up even more.

The main thing that we have discovered about our event is that no matter the number of people, what we are doing, or who is there, we have never had a humdrum night. It has always been a wonderful, entertaining, kinky, sensual and very active night. Perhaps it is the water in Hamilton, or the atmosphere at The Werx, or quite honestly it is the most wonderful patrons in all the Kinkdom. We would love to see you all again.

We also reserve the right to ply you with great music, and if the mood strikes, to cruelly and wantonly offer you candy...

For more information, directions, Rules, and dress code please visit:

most wickedly and kinkily yours,
Sher Khan.

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Sin City: Sunday November 25th @ The Werx, Hamilton [12 Nov 2007|06:17pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Sin City Presents:

"What to do on a cold Sunday?"

**Sunday November 25th**
At The Werx
121 Hughson St N, Hamilton

We hope everyone had a great time at the wonderful Fet Fair, and now have a few new items to bring along and play with (if you ask nicely, we will even show you ours). We feel that it has been too long since we opened the doors of the Dungeon at The Werx to all the wonderful people we have come to host. Therefore, The hosts of Sin City would like you to consider:

The best way to spend a cold Sunday evening?
Spank/Flog/Cane/Whip/Flagellate the Night Away!!!

We can honestly not think of a better way of warming things up on a cold Sunday, than to join our friendly group, cozy up in the genial atmosphere and get things nice and hot on your choice of equipment. The main thing that we have discovered about our event is that no matter the number of people, what we are doing, or who is there, we have never had a humdrum night. It has always been a wonderful, entertaining, kinky, sensual and very active night. Perhaps it is the water in Hamilton, or the atmosphere at The Werx, or quite honestly it is the most wonderful patrons in all the Kinkdom. We would love to see you all again.

There is no set theme for this month, however as many of you have enjoyed our themes in the past, we have decided to leave it up to you: our wonderful patrons. Post a Comment and suggest one; what would you like the theme to be, what would tickle your fancies? We will post a poll of the top three suggestions in 3 - 4 days and have you vote on what you'd like, posting the final result by Sunday the 18th. Then all of us would have about a week to get everything ready for it.
Now, I feel obligated to warn you that a most esteemed Lord and Lady (I cannot reveal who the sweet knighted darlings really are on this forum) have had a discussion with me about a "Wizard of Oz" theme. There was even talk of who was coming out as a munchkin, the Good Witch Glinda, the Tin Man and so on.... I personally am rather curious to see if we get any Toto's...

We also reserve the right to ply you with great music, and if the mood strikes, to cruelly and wantonly offer you candy...

For more information, directions, Rules, and dress code please visit:
Sin City Website
(and give us a couple of days to update the damn thing)

most humbly and kinkily yours,
Sher Khan.

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Sin City - Sunday Sept 2nd (Labour Day weekend) [28 Aug 2007|02:27pm]

[ mood | Irreverent ]

@ The Werx
121 Hughson St North, Hamilton Ontario.

With the success of our Arabian Nights theme, we were asked to consider other themes. So with great glee and sheer cheek Sin City would like to present:
A night of religious ecstasy and wickedness.

We invite you to come and revel in your Sins at the very appropriate:
Sin City- A night of Irreverence and Transgressions.

Show us:

How to really defrock a priest, or what a nun may do with her rosary
An alternate way of Calling the Four Quarters
A sacrificial ritual for personal pleasure.
The true joys of the Spanish Inquisition
How to attain nirvana through sheer self gratification

Yes, my darlings, we want you to attend our depraved event and explore all the pleasures that religion calls SIN.
As a special service you may request to be shriven by our Resident Inquisitor.

We suggest that you come dressed and kitted for a night of naughty nuns, perverted pastors, profligate priestesses lecherous lamas, corrupt cardinals, and debauched druids. Act out your most depraved Spanish Inquisition fantasy, conduct a truly dark ritual and submit to the truly spiritual through mortification of the flesh.

Theme dress is a suggestion only and not required.
Standard Sin City dress code is always welcome.

For more information, dress code and House Rules visit: Sin-City Website
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CENSORED Festival - Montreal [16 Jun 2007|02:35pm]

"CENSORED Festival is Montreal’s most uninhibited week, where everyone is free to indulge their sexuality. A festival created to unify and celebrate alternative lifestyle culture, and to promote positive awareness about the variety of choices of kinky sexual expression. This annual festival will achieve this through a multitude of activities, workshops and events."

AUGUST 4 to 12, 2007
Various locations in Montreal, PQ

Note: I am not involved with the Festival, just trying to spread the word. Dem.
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Sin-City Hamilton - July [12 Jun 2007|11:58am]

[ mood | calm ]

***Notice there is no Sin-City in July***

After careful deliberation, my partner (Th'Elf) and I have decided to take July off.

We had worked out an event schedule for Sin-City, at The Werx in Hamilton, to fall on the Sunday of every holiday weekend in the summer, and would have fallen on July 1st. However due to scheduling conflicts we are going to take July off.

This does not mean that you are without a Play party/event for July 1st in Hamilton. Please consider registering and attending:
The Breast Intentions Play Party
Proceeds after expenses will help sponsor
Vanessa's "Walk for Breast Cancer"
To be held at The Werx, Hamilton on July 1st.
Email: breast_intentions07@yahoo.ca for more info.
Please note: unlike Sin-City this is a Pre-register event, please contact the event organisers to register.

This is a worthy event that sponsors a good cause, and we the Sin-City Management encourage you to support it. One of our reasons to cancel July was to ensure that we do our small part to support this event: by removing any competition so that everyone in the region with a mind to play can attend the Charity Event.

We will see you in August (Sunday August 5th, Civic Holiday Long Weekend) with a couple of special surprises! We intend to fully make up for our brief hiatus, and believe me, you shan't want to miss this!

Play safe, and Play happy till then!

Kinkily yours,
Sher Khan & Th'Elf

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Sat. April 28th: Subspace Fetish Party featuring Midori [17 Mar 2007|11:29am]


Saturday April 28th 2007

Launch night for a new monthly fetish party - Subspace.
Tonight features Midori Rope Bondage Performance, Dj Prospero and more.
Doors 9pm, Reverb, 651 Queen St. W.
Tickets on sale at Northbound Leather ($20 for tonights kickoff party, $10 otherwise), 19+.

For more info: randomparty(at)hotmail.com or myspace.com/fetishparty
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Sin City 04-Feb [31 Jan 2007|03:09pm]

Sunday, February 4th

Sin-City Fetish Event at The Werx in Hamilton.

This month, we ask all to come in out of the cold and warm yourselves on our equipment in the dungeon. We will also have a bellydancing feature entertainer, and a tantalizing demonstration that is sure to warm up your imaginations if not everything else.

Sin City is a monthly Sunday fetish night held at the Werx in Hamilton [121 Hughson North, Downtown Map Here]. With two rooms and a growing collection of equipment the night focuses on socializing and playing. Attending kinksters come from all over SW Ontario every month to hang out and enjoy themselves.

Hosted by Sher Khan [well known and knowledgeable Toronto Dominant] and th'Elf [DJ and member of the community in several cities over several decades] the night frequently offers a little extra eye candy with periodic vendors, displays and demos.

Only 15$ for the entire night, dress code is required.
For more information check out www.sin-city.ca
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Hello everyone [30 Jan 2007|08:42am]

Im taking a small business course right now, in hopes of opening my own online business in a few months. For my course I have to get at least 100 surveys filled out. The survey is on online purchasing and seeing as I will be making goth, punk, and other random subculture stuff I figured getting as many opinions in the community would make sense.
The link is:


It's not super long or anything, only take you a few moments to fill it out. I will love you forever if you do!

Thanks! I'll be sure to let everyone know when I launch my store
(btw I appologize if you see this more then once)
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ticket contest - Fetish Masquerade New Years Gala [18 Dec 2006|10:00pm]

Visit http://www.toronto-goth.com for your chance to win one of two prize packages ($50-70 value each) to the December 31st Fetish Masquerde.

Here are the event details:

This will be Queen Streets BEST New Years PARTY. Every Year Fetish Masquerade throws the busiest and craziest New Years Party. This year the theme is Dead Celebrities or celebrities you wish were dead. You have so many options for excellent costumes and if you do not want to dress in theme, no problem, as standard fetish attire is welcome as always.

Sunday December 31, 2006 **NEW YEARS EVE**
Fetish Masqeurade presents
Dead Celebrities (or celebrities you wish were dead) Gala
Funahus - 526 Queen St West - Toronto
9pm-6am 19+ event
$25 advance - $35 @ door

Mainroom: DJ Lazarus & Phink
Backroom: PLay Dungeon

FREE Champagne Toast -- FREE Hors D'oeuvres -- FREE Party Favours
Advance tickets will be available starting Sat Dec 16 at: Fetish Masquerade, Funhaus - 526 Queen St W, and Hells Belles - 463 Queen St West

For more info on Fetish Masquerade, visit http://www.fetishmasquerade.com. Contest courtesy of Fetish Masquerade/DJ Lazarus http://www.djlazarus.com

toronto-goth.com contest details: There are TWO PRIZES for this contest, each is two guestlist spots to this event. Fill out your info on the form for your chance to win. You can enter once per day until the contest close on December 28th.

Visit http://www.toronto-goth.com to enter this contest
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Cambridge, this Sunday [30 Aug 2006|03:35am]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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New Fetish Night in Cambridge [05 Aug 2006|05:33am]

May we invite all of you to a new Fetish Night being launched in
Cambridge. This will be on the Sunday of the holiday weekend (August
6th), which gives most of us a great venue to make the most of the
long weekend.

If you are from the Cambridge and surrounding area (Milton, Guelph,
Kitchener, Waterloo, St. Kitts, London), you really should come out a
new Dark Alternative and Fetish Night to be launched in Cambridge on
August the 7th (Sunday of the long weekend)? Of course, if any of you
attend munches in those cities you already know about Sin Cities.

Or maybe you just want to get out of the city for the weekend
(perhaps escape Caribana ), and are looking for somewhere fun to head
to. Cambridge isn't far by car or bus (less than 100Km), and has
cheap hotels/Motels and even a B&B nearby if you want to stay

If you want to find out more, please feel free to email me, reply
here, or check out http://www.geocities.com/sincityfet/info.html


A brand new monthly fetish night
580 Hespeler Road, Cambridge

Upstairs is SIN CITY at the SKYBAR, an open air deck bar [which means
smoking is permitted]. DJs Schwartzung and jOnes provide the best all
request dark alternative, retro, alt.rock and goth/industrial.

Upstairs access only is 5$. 19+ and is 9pm - Close
Downstairs is THE TEMPEST, our enclosed play area. With six stations,
full bar, a cool down area, and two shows [fire and bondage] with
Master Sher Khan [Toronto]. DJ Osaze and th'Elf weave a musical
environment that will enhance your experience.

15$ gets you FULL access to both floors, 19+ and dress code required.
NOTE: THE TEMPEST Will open doors at 7 PM

Fetish dress code is rubber, vinyl, pvc, uniform, medical, semi-nude,
chains, leash and collar, leather, goth [high], cyber, gasmasks,
lingerie, lace, feathers, fur, etc.

Hope we get some of you out there.

The website has map and MORE information... lots more...
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A Brand New Night [15 Jul 2006|03:35am]

With a wicked little twist.

It IS in Cambridge but it'll be worth the drive.

For the info, do the clicky thingCollapse )
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Fetish Masquerade tonight [17 Jun 2006|01:25pm]

Saturday June 17, 2006
Fetish Masquerade - Pajama Party Theme
Funhaus- 526 Queen St West - Toronto
10pm-4am 19+ event
$10 in theme or $12 otherwise

Mainroom: DJ Lazarus & Phink (sexy and fun mix of tunes)
Backroom: Play Dungeon

http://www.djlazarus.com or http://www.fetishmasquerade.com
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The Dungeon fetish night tonight [09 Jun 2006|02:22pm]

The Dungeon is tonight and it has free entry between 11pm and 11.30pm if you print out the email pass (available on their mailing list which you can join up from their website). Otherwise it is $10-20. Buddies is near Yonge and College, so easy subway access.

Fri. June 9th: The Dungeon *new* *F*
THE DUNGEON is held at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre - 12 Alexander Street. Doors open at 11pm. Cover is $10 ($20 for those not following dresscode). Improvements to THE DUNGEON: additional play stations for SERIOUS PLAYERS more play space (by the dance floor) more exciting fetish shows enticing BDSM videos for your viewing pleasure harder, edgier music for guests who want to dance In addition to this, we will continue to give away great prizes in our INSTANT RAFFLE, and give free passes to our THRILL CHAMBER (offering massage, psychic readings, cosmetic make-overs, bootblacks, etc).

For more info, visit http://www.the-dungeon.ca
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Cyber Fetish [01 Jun 2006|10:15pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Tomorrow Night:

Cyber Fetish at Savage Garden.

This night will be a celebration of all things Latex. Slip on those Latex clothes you've been dying to wear out, pack those Latex gloves, and don't forget we will have some Liquid Latex on hand to paint you up with should you choose.

This promises to be a fun and sensual night, I encourage all of you to come out and play.

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May 12 - The Dungeon [11 May 2006|07:15pm]

THE DUNGEON - a monthly pansexual fetish party

Held the 2nd Friday of each month at
Tallulah's Cabaret
12 Alexander St., Toronto, Ontario
11pm to 3am

Dress Code: (leather, latex, fantasy wear, jock-straps & sportswear, formal wear, PVC,lingerie, uniforms, cross-dressing
NOTE: denim or underwear will not be considered. )

*the venue is wheel-chair accessible

For more info visit http://www.the-dungeon.ca/

Note: I'm not involved with this event, just posting FYI.
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This Friday! CYBERFETISH @ Savage Garden [02 Mar 2006|11:12pm]

Cyberfetish Friday March 3rd, 2006

Bettie Page Tribute Night

Bettie Page videos and a Bettie Page Look-a-like contest with a $50 cash prize.

humanclone and djdarq present Cyberfetish "The Ressurection", The end of an era - the begining of a new...

Dungeon Master sher_khan will oversee the Play area, featuring the following pieces of equipment:
Wood horse
Wrist Stocks On Chains
Spreader Bar
Suspension Chains
St. George Cross with Wrist Straps

Sexy Cyber go-go dancers.

Vending by Blackfaerie Designs, Arcnet01 and Nightmaregallery.

Sponsored by Toronto-goth.com and Posepod.

Entry Time - 9pm *Admission - Free before 10pm, $5.00 after!
*This is a 19+ Event… Id Required….*

For more info, please visit:
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Eden Special Event [25 Sep 2005|09:25pm]

[ mood | Kinky ]

May we tempt you with a little burlesque by one of this city's hottest dancers, Stag Shop's only Fashion show in Toronto premiering their new line, and Toronto's only public Fire Play Demonstration?
All for $5 at the door?

How can we entice you further? Several play areas dispersed around the club, 3 DJs battling to create intimate and sensual soundscapes to stir your desires, and an open permissive atmosphere that allows for all your expressions of pleasure.

The Savage Garden of EDEN is thrilled to set your senses aflame with a spectacular evening of hot burlesque with sultry Mina LaFleur, sizzling fashions by The Stag Shop, and fire play demonstrations performed by Sher Khan. DJs Pale, Th'Elf and Swiss Miss will keep the tribal rhythms burning allll night!! Frolic in our revamped Play spaces, witness flames dancing on bare skin... come set the night on fire!

Savage Garden
Thursday September 29th
Doors at 9:00 pm

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